May 27, 2009

Hey there,
Everything is going great here in Rising Sun.  I’ve decided I really like that name, if I was going to name a unit that’s probably what I’d call it.

It stayed nice and cool today so we were able to go out with Brother Kubesh and hit balls at the driving range, it was a blast. We were expecting a lot of rain but it has stayed away, at least so far.
We are teaching a small group of wonderful people. Tonja is a young mother of two who they found tracting right before I got here. She is progressing really nicely and has a great spirit about her. She is reading and studying and really loving everything she hears. We had a Memorial Day picnic and she came and was able to meet a lot of the other young mothers which was a nice comfortable opportunity to do that outside of church.  She and her husband Steve and their two kids (7 and 8 years) will be coming to church for the first time this weekend. I’m really excited for them to come and meet the wonderful branch family.

We are also teaching a couple college age kids who live right next to the church in North East. Vince, his sister Heather and her boyfriend Ron all sat in on a really great lesson where we were able to answer a lot of their wonderful questions about God and the basics of religion. Vince is the most interested out of all of them. We have had a couple really great lessons with him and Brother Kubesh and he is keeping all the commitments we leave him. He has prayed and received a wonderful witness that what we are teaching is true and he knows The Book of Mormon is true and is really enjoying reading it.

We are having a great time building our teaching pool and progressing those we find. I’m sure we can see some great success in this branch before the time I go home.

Tomorrow we have Zone Conference up in Broomall. The focus for this Transfer is on Chapter 1, Chapter 3 Lesson 1, Chapter 3 Lesson 5 and Chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel.  Only one Zone Conference after this one so I’m excited to make the most of it!

Alright we are going back to work. Not much else to report. We were at the driving range and out past the end there was an Amish farmer working on his field with his big team of mules. Pretty fun to see!

Have a great week!

Love you,
Elder Michael Oakford


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