June 10, 2009

Dear Familia,
Everything here in Rising Sun is rockin’! We are building momentum and seeing lots of progress in the area.  We have a handful of less actives who hadn’t been to church in a long while who we have been teaching and they all showed up to church on Sunday! What a blessing. We are really working on finding more people to give baptismal dates too. They are here, we are just trying to find them.
The weather has been pretty good except for one day that we got dumped on by a passing storm. Yesterday, Mother Nature put on a beautiful lightning and thunder show. There was constant thunder for almost 2 hours! The lightning lasted from about 3pm to 7pm. I was waiting for it to get dark before I took some pictures but by the time it gets dark now, we are home and the lightning had stopped anyway.
We had our Zone Training Meeting in Dover, DE on Monday this week and then we have interviews with President Murray tomorrow morning in Wilmington, DE.  It’s already putting a crunch on our miles–we get 1350 per month.  President Murray came to our district meeting a couple weeks ago and taught us about the skills of communication. Lots of missionaries before coming out on their missions have limited contact with other people that they are trying to communicate with. The youth get so distracted by media and electronics that they would rather sit at home and play video games than go outside and interact with their friends. I think this leads to a HUGE shock once these people are sent out into the world to TALK TO and MAKE FRIENDS WITH everyone that they see. In his most recent Sickle Thruster, he wrote about how missionaries can learn to communicate with everyone especially their companions a lot better. I loved having him there. It’s always a treat to be with and hear and learn from President and Sister Murray. I’m really looking forward to my interview tomorrow.
Transfers are coming up quick! Only about one more week until my last transfer here in the mission field! Elder Willes has been here for a couple transfers now so he might get transferred,  but you never know. If he does, I hope they take Elder Moorhead out of Service and send him down here to Rising Sun to be my last companion!! Very unlikely, but I’ll pray for it!!
I got everyone’s letters on the same day this week. Yes, it is very OK to send things to my apartment. I live in the second story of a big house that has been converted into a hair salon on the bottom level and two apartments up stairs. The only thing that I would worry about is having the squirrels or deer run away with whatever you send.
Alright that’s all for now.  My time is up.  I love you.

One Response to June 10, 2009

  1. The Wheelers says:

    We’re looking forward to reading about post mission adventures as well, Elder Oakford. (Try to arrange that.) And remember, when one door closes, there are others that will open, not to mention a number of windows…and without even the help of a screwdriver! 🙂 Thanks for being part of our branch and our lives. You’ll continue to be in our prayers.

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