02 July 2009 Letter

Hey there!

Things here in Rising Sun are really picking up. We are teaching some great lessons and we are finding a wonderful new group of people to add to our teaching pool.  We knocked into an old investigator, Nick,  that Elder Willes and I dropped when I first got to the area because he was always at school and never around to be taught. Elder Chan and I first saw him on Friday and taught him the Plan of Salvation. Saturday we stopped over again to make sure everything was good for him to come to church and he told us he was setting out his clothes and noticed he didn’t have church shoes and asked for help to get some. So we called up our branch mission leader who took him to Wal-Mart to buy some shoes! Sunday he was at church, he participated, and he even volunteered to say one of the prayers. One of the members in Rising Sun invited him to his birthday party and another invited him over for the 4th of July. When we were walking over to Brother Kubesh’s birthday Nick said “so I think I’m gonna get baptized in a couple weeks.” Elder Chan was kinda surprised buy his comment and said “Into what church?” Nick gave him a funny look and said “this one, dummy, what do you think?”
Then at dinner he asked the members, “How do I go about scheduling a baptism at church? like who do I need to talk to and everything?”  When we got him home we talked to him and taught him some more (making sure there was nothing that would prevent him from being baptized) and then commited him to baptism on the 26th of July!
The whole branch is really excited for THEIR new convert. I’m sure they will take very good care of him, he already feels a part of the church.
Everything else is going really well. More and more people are coming to church and the excitement is building! Missionary work really is fun. We have taken some great members out teaching with us and there testimonies have added so much power to the lessons we have been teaching. Tonight I get the opportunity to go on a split and go out teaching with Mike Fox, one of the young men in the ward who is awaiting his mission call. I am really excited. I wish I went out teaching more with the missionaries before my mission so I love bringing the young men along with me. I got the chance to go on my ‘mini mission’ before going into the MTC and that helped SO MUCH, but nobody else gets that chance and I think that going into the MTC with experience under your belt helps a ton.
Elder Chan and Elder Gillman are doing great. They are still getting used to the area as well as adjusting to the heat that is coming really soon. This will be their first summer. I am the lucky one that caught the end of one summer, got the brunt of a full summer in Philadelphia last year and then get almost a full summer before going home.
I love it.
I love you.

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