May 20, 2009


I’m not feeling very well today, my allergies have been acting up like crazy!  So I might not write much. I’d rather just go get everything done and then take a nap.

In the Wilmington Zone they change P-days around about half the time. This time was kind of a surprise, we found out on Sunday or Monday that we have a Summer Fun Day with President Murray in Dover tommorrow starting at 9am. So they moved our PDay and cut it short so we can take time out tomorrow to do that. President Murray is probably traveling around the mission today tomorrow and Friday, so he moved P-Day up for Wilmington. We also have Wednesday P-days next week because of Zone Conference and it seems two weeks later because of interviews. I’ll let you know when it pops up.

I really love the Rising Sun branch. It’s a great area and a great branch.  For church on Sunday we had a really neat treat again. We had a Satellite Broadcast from the Conference center. President Eyring spoke with Elder Hales, Sister Cook and Elder Porter. I loved it! It was a lot better than the one they showed in the Philadelphia Stake I thought.

I’m glad to hear that Brother Kubesh got a hold of you. He is a great Branch Mission Leader. He has lots of fire and confidence in what he is doing. He is working really hard to help grow the branch.

I wish I had more energy but with the flu and allergies hitting me like it did I’m pretty tired. I was going to tell you the whole story of this miracle that we had this last week. We have found some incredible people who are progressing really quickly. The leadership in the branch was excited to hear about that since that have not had a Baptism in a very long time and the attendance of investigators is very low.

Alright I love you.



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