May 14, 2009

Rising Sun
Hello from the Rising Sun, Maryland Branch in the Wilmington, Delaware Stake.

Welcome to Maryland

Well, Rising Sun would have been the last place that I would have expected to end up. But I’m here and loving it!  My new address is 15 Maple Heights Ln. Apt#2  Rising Sun, MD 21911. My new companion (fifth in five transfers) is Elder Cade Willes from McGill, NV. He was trained by Elder Atkinson right after we were transferred from Frankford

The area covers some ground, we go from about Oxford,PA in the North to Turkey Point in the Chesapeake Bay in the South, Elkton,MD in the East and the Susquehanna River on the West.

We have a nice stage two building in North East, MD. The branch has about 110 active members and has not had a convert baptism since missionaries have been here. When you look at the area on a map, you will be able to tell that it is very different from any I have served in before. It is very rural and flat, tons of farm land and houses very spread apart.
Yesterday on the way back home from district meeting in Newark, DE saw horse drawn carriages tied up in front of our grocery store!  Elder Willes says that there are quite a few Amish farms in the area, right after he said that we drove past two more carriages with Amish families inside. That was fun to see.

I am really excited to be working here in this branch. There is so much great work to do and I feel that Elder Willes and I are just right for what needs to happen.  I have met some really nice people so far and we’ve already been able to see miracles that have added to the size of our once non-existent teaching pool. Elder Willes has only been here for six weeks but knows the area very well.

It was really hard to leave Morrisville behind. I  am going to really miss that ward and the people in it. I was able to say goodbye to mostly everyone there. I went to seminary Tuesday morning and took pictures with most of the youth. It is always nice to know that you are leaving an area better than you found it, and right now Morrisville is at the top of their game. We had built up a large teaching pool which will really help Elder Chatterton and the new missionary he is with.

Lots of good work to do and I’m excited to get started.

I love you and hope to hear from you soon.

Happy Mothers Day again.

Elder Michael Oakford


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