April 30, 2009

Dear Family,

Last week concluded with an exciting day. Eric Wheelin was baptized right after church! His whole family was there to support him and there was a huge turn out from the rest of the ward family. It was a very spiritual and sweet baptismal service. Eric’s little sister, Emily, said the opening prayer and Eric was brave enough to stand up in front of everyone and say the closing prayer. One of the sweetest parts of the day was during Fast and Testimony Meeting.  Abby Hludzinski (who was just baptized a month or two ago) got up and bore her testimony about baptism and how proud she was of Eric that he was getting baptized. She said that when she was baptized she felt so clean because her sins were all washed away and she hoped Eric would feel that way too and never forget how it felt. That put a smile on everyones face’s. On Monday we had Zone Training Meeting at the Broad and Wyoming Building in North Philadelphia. Our zone leaders did an incredible job at preparing to bring the spirit into that meeting. The layout was very simple and we had some great role plays. At the end of the meeting the spirit was very strong and we talked about very important things that we need to do as missionaries to help build the church in the Philadelphia Stake. We all left with a new vision and commitment, the bar has been raised and will continue to be raised. We are having a temple built in Philadelphia, we have to make sure we have the strength to deserve it!

On Tuesday, we had Car Detailing and our interviews with President and Sister Murray. Since we were doing the cars I got to see Elder Moorhead for a little while which was an extra treat. It was a really hot day of tracting so washing cars wasn’t that bad. Interviews went really well. I’ll tell you more about what we talked about in our other EMail. I really love President Murray. I’m glad I get to talk to him and seek guidance from him in everything that I do. He always is able to point out things that I can do better to increase my effectiveness as a missionary. That is needed very much.

That makes me happy to hear that you received a phone call from Rose Fife. I have been trying to stay in contact with as many people that I can especially converts. But unfortunately I have lost touch with a few who have moved and phone numbers here in Philly don’t last for long so those are very unreliable!

We are looking forward to another great week. The work must keep moving forward! I am really excited to see what is going to happen here in the Morrisville Ward. The missionary spirit is bright and many people are being invited to learn more about hte restored gospel. I have a feeling that things are getting ready to take off. I could either be here for two more weeks or maybe until the end of my mission. I’m hoping I can be here until I go home. I love this ward and it would be really sad to leave.

Have a great week. I’ll try to send pictures of the baptism later.




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