April 16, 2009

Happy Easter!

I hope you had a great Easter Sunday and had a great Sacrament meeting full of wonderful talks. We sure did. The talks that were given were focused on the Atonement. Both of the speakers did a fantastic job, the spirit was very strong throughout the whole meeting. The talks really made me remember Elder Holland’s amazing talk that he gave in General Conference. He always gives such powerful and touching talks that teach wonderful lessons.

On Monday we had a Family Home Evening planned with the Carr family.  Everyone that was invited didn’t show up which was kind of a bust but we still had a really nice time. We watched Elder Holland’s talk again and had a great time talking with the Carrs. They are one of the greatest families that I have met on my mission. They are both hilarious too, so we enjoyed the evening. We also ended the night there with brownies and ice cream, an especially nice treat on my birthday.

We have also been having some great lessons with a few investigators that are doing so well. We are having a baptism on th 26th for a young boy named Eric. His mother and older sister are members, so we are teaching him now. The Peruvian family that I’ve told you about is also doing fantastic. They are grasping everything that we teach them. They are really in search of answers to questions that will help their family. They have been able to find a lot of answers to the questions they’ve had as they have read the Book of Mormon and Bible and continued to meet with us. We would have lost them a long time ago though if we didn’t have a member of the ward come with us. Alberto has been such a great help in teaching them. I’ve been studying the lessons in Spanish so I can pitch in every once in awhile but having him there so he can translate when things get confusing is priceless. They are planning on coming to church this week with their family, so we are very excited.
We are also teaching a young man named Brian. He is 26 and has been living at home and working until recently. He’s had some troubles come up in his life that he was really struggling with and created some problems. It is always really nice to meet with him because he is looking for something to change so he can just be happy. He has come to church about 6-7 times and is doing great. We set a baptismal date with him for the 3rd of May, but we will probably have to move it since that is stake conference. But everything is still looking really positive.

We had a really nice Zone Conference at the Broad St. Chapel yesterday. The Philadelphia and Reading stakes were the only ones there, so it was rather small but nice. There were a couple break out sessions that were very useful. It was also nice because when they split us up into three groups to do the break out sessions they split it up by how long you had been out. So I was with the 17 month + group. I have a couple really good friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time who I was able to talk to and learn from. In the last rotation we had a break out on asking good questions taught by our zone leaders. We ended extra early and President Murray happened to be watching our group that time so he took over the rest of the time and spoke to all us older missionaries. It ended up being a very spiritual and inspirational meeting. We talked and were able to ask questions and get advice that normally we wouldn’t. President Murray is such a kind and loving leader, it is always nice to have time to talk with him and feel his love.

Elder Chatterton and I are still pluggin along. Everything else is going great and we are looking forward to another wonderful week. I received the birthday packages from you and from Stacy. Thank you. I was really grateful to get a couple new short sleeve shirts. I am running low on nice shirts since I’ve beaten up the ones that I have pretty bad.

I love you. I hope you had a great week!

-Elder Michael Oakford


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