April 9, 2009

What a special week it has been!

I had an amazing time at General Conference. We had 6 investigators attend at least one session at the church building, which is amazing! Our first session was almost a complete bust but things worked out for the best. We weren’t able to see the first about three speakers due to satelite complications. But everyone was patient, thank goodness. Brother Hludzinski came to the rescue and hooked his laptop up to the projector so at least we could hear it going in and out for a talk or two. Finally it was fixed and we didn’t have any problems from there on out. But it was pretty stressful for a little while when you have investigators who are coming to SEE and HEAR the Prophet and Apostles. Lots of prayer!

So many of the talks were extremely powerful and pointed. More than a few struck me. I went very prepared to receive answers to questions I needed and they were all addressed. I love a quote from Elder Bednars talk last year, I think he said “What are we learning here that is not being said” or “What is being taught to us today that is not being said” ? I think it was more like the first one, but I love how it makes me think and always seek to understand what the Spirit wants me to learn from everything.  From that, many things that were said and that were whispered hit home and were exactly what I needed. I hope that after I come home from my mission I can continue to be spiritually prepared to receive inspiration and answers to my prayers and the prayers of others.

In the area, we are seeing some amazing progress from many investigators. I can’t wait to see Elder Moorhead next! His first night in the area and the first door he knocked on we found an incredible family from Peru. They are simply amazing. The last appointment that Elder Moorhead and I taught them together they almost seemed to “drop talk” us. But the next lesson we took Alberto, a member from Costa Rica. They hit it off and the lesson went more than perfect. We left the house with them saying things like “WOW” and “My eyes have been opened”, it was awesome.  They did a complete 180 in one lesson just because we were able to bring a wonderful member along to help us in teaching the Gospel. His testimony and powerful teaching could now have an eternal impact on this wonderful family.

It’s starting to warm up, so the suit coats are now off! Thank goodness. On one hand it is a good thing but on the other it’s kinda lame because now I have to find places for all the things I have been storing in my handy suit-coat pockets.

I am glad to hear that the wedding went well. I hope everything at home is going great. Spring is hear and it’s a happy time! The flowers and plants springing up from everywhere are BEAUTIFUL!!!

I love you.
Have a great week.

Elder Michael Oakford


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