April 2, 2009

Happy April!  There are so many beautiful signs of spring.  I’ve been taking a bunch of pictures when I can and I asked one of the members of the ward to make a big online folder for me. I’ll let you know when he’s done, he is putting on pictures from my whole mission.

Sadly, we did get a call Sunday morning to let us know that Elder Moorhead was going to be moved. That definitely put a damper on the day.  He has been one of my most amazing companions ever and definitely became one of my best friends.  I really love him.  It was such a shame that we only had the chance to work with each other for 6 weeks this time around.  It was nice that he was told on Sunday morning though because then he had the chance to tell people he was leaving at church and take some pictures afterwords. Lots of people were so sad to see him go, a couple even started crying when they found out! Elder Moorhead and I definitely put a lot of effort into working with the members of this ward. And in so doing, have really come to love them!

On Tuesday, he was transferred to the Office as a Service Elder.  Not something I suspect he was looking forward to. But I’m sure President Murray has something up his sleeve. Elder Moorhead is one of the best missionaries in this mission, no question.

Taking his place is Elder Jeremy Chatterton from Lindon, UT. He came out with Elder Moorhead, so he’s been out about 14 months. He’s been all over the place, serving in Philadelphia for about 10 months and then down in Cambridge, Maryland. I keep getting lucky with companions.  He is also a very good missionary and I will very much enjoy working with him here in Morrisville.

The end of this transfer also brought the end to the missions of a lot of my past companions. This past transfer Elder Wolsey (comp.1), Elder Atkinson (comp.2), Elder Olsen (comp.5) and also Elder Nance (comp.3) who had to go home due to medical reasons.  So now my 1,2,3,5,6 (Elder Stewart), companions are home.  Only surviving companions are Elder Peck(#4), Elder Esplin(#7), Elder Steele(#8) and Elder Moorhead(#9).

So I’m down more than half, sad day! Also Sister McFarland, who I was in the MTC with, also went home this transfer. When the Sisters you came out with are going home, I think that’s when it hits you that you have actually been out for 18 months! CRAZY!

Things are moving along very nicely here. I am very excited for General Conference! We are hoping to have lots of people come and watch with us at the church. We have two baptismal dates set for 26 April. That should be a really neat day. There are some others who are showing potential for that day as well. We had 4 Investigators at church this past Sunday, which is pretty good for this ward. Lots of great things to come!

I love you. I’ve got to get running. I’m glad to hear the wedding went down nicely. Tell everyone I said hi.

Elder Michael Oakford


One Response to April 2, 2009

  1. Mary Moorhead says:

    I’m Nathan Moorhead’s Mom and just read your entry today. I felt tears jump to my eyes when I read about how much your son loved working with my son. Nathan felt the exact same way these past 6 weeks. He has spoken so highly of Elder Oakford and I know he will always remember with great fondness the 6 weeks they spent working so hard together. Nathan’s P-Day is now changed to Saturday, so we didn’t get an email today. That made today’s letter from your son especially interesting for us! We didn’t know where Nathan was being transferred until we read this!
    Thanks for the great son you have raised up to be a missionary and for the good influence of your family on him. We will always be grateful for this time they had to serve together.

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