March 26, 2009

On Friday we got a call from our friend Bryce Kruman, who returned from college about two months ago to work and get ready for his mission. On Friday, he got his call to the China Hong Kong mission Cantonese speaking! He is still very very excited. We celebrated by taking him out for a McDonalds Ice Cream cone. He is always great to come teaching with us whenever we need someone. He leaves in July and I’m really going to miss him.

Saturday we had our long awaited Family History Open House. It went better than could have been expected. It was attended by over 100 non-members and then we also had a pretty large group of kids who signed up for Genealogy merit badge. We had three classes that lasted about 30 minutes and started on the half hour. One class was on using the internet to do family history. One was a basic intro on to how to get started doing your family history. The last was what the church has to offer and all about our family history facilities. We had over 400 pass along cards distributed, tear off flyers put up in grocery stores and libraries, and a news paper article as our way of drawing people in. We are now teaching a few people who attended and who were interested in the church as well as why the church has such an emp. on family history. It was great! We had our district come to help out as tour guides and helping teach lessons during break in the gym. I thought 8 missionaries would be a lot but it turned out to be perfect.

Sunday was Stake Conference at the Pennypack Chapel. I have a huge entry in my journal about how much I loved it but the short version is this… Elder Jose Teixeira and Elder Matthew Eyring were the General Authorities and Area Seventy who came to select our new Stake Presidency. It was definately an exciting and power packed meeting.  The new Stake Presidency is President Jordan Petersen (who was the first counselor), Pres. Steve Coltrin (prev. second coun.), and President Leon Schwab (previously our bishop!). They are a wonderful and experienced group of men. They are very young and energetic as well. The talks they presented were about looking forward to a future of change, with the temple coming soon things are going to start picking up and they are expecting a lot of growth. We are now looking forward to having a new Bishop called very soon. Bishop Schwab was a wonderful Bishop and many people are going to miss him very much. He is a great leader and has helped us to change the spirit of missionary work in the ward.

Alright that’s all for now.

I love you.



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