March 5, 2009

New photos from Mike:

Mike and the Andersons

Mike and the Andersons

Mike and Sister Murray

Mike and Sister Murray

Happy Cinco de Marzo!!

Just another amazing week in the books. Yesterday, we had Zone Conference at the Broad St. chapel. It was another incredible and spirit-filled meeting. I loved it. One of the big focuses was on maintaining a positive attitude wherever you are. Lots of missionaries are coming into the mission and their first stop might be in the city so their perspective of the suburbs is completely misconstrued. The work is different in the city and in the suburbs or rural areas, but it is still very possible! We should all be going into areas with a positive mindset. We talked about the parable of the sower and how we need to change the areas that are rocky or have thorns into fields that are ready to harvest.

And we HAVE been doing that. Our retention rate has shot through the roof. When I came into the mission we were looking at a high high week having 15% retention. Mission-wide we are now looking at over 70% retention of converts baptized in the last 6 months. One amazing fact shows the inner city ward of Logan with 100% retention for the past two weeks! To people who never thought it could be done, it has.

The solution to the problem was the members. The active members of the church are now playing a critical and very involved role in missionary work. I love it! Working with active members is KEY! If we don’t have member and leader support you will never have converts retained so what’s the point of baptizing? Our ward in particular is doing incredible. Last week we had over 15 members come teaching with us. And a couple families invite us to there homes, not just to have dinner. But for a lesson and to discuss how they can be more involved doing missionary work. We go into their homes and set up Family Mission Plans and help them set goals with dates so they can see the miracles and feel the missionary spirit in their homes!  I LOVE IT!

OK, well that’s all for today. I hope you got my pictures. They are taking forever to load.

Love you.


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