February 12, 2009

We are really excited for the Baptism this Sunday of Vilma Escudero! She is doing so incredibly well. She absolutely loves The Book of Mormon and is reading it everyday. Every time we come over she is so excited to ask us questions about things that she is learning. She is making many friends at church too, which is awesome. Since she has been going to the Pennypack ward and we have been teaching her, it has been fun talking to members of the ward that I used to take out when I lived there almost a year ago. That is such a great ward and they are always willing to come teaching with us.

We were at the Pennypack building last week and I saw and got to talk to Bishop Hilton. He wanted to know if they were going to let me finish my mission where I started? I thought that would be a pretty neat Idea! The Frankford branch had there first baptism, since Elder Atkinson and I left last April, last week. The branch is growing very quickly mostly due to them having two sets of missionaries in the same area we covered with one set. They are able to reactivate a lot of the people who had been baptized in the past. That branch covers the whole 19124 Zip Code.

I received your package this week! I was really happy to get it. My pens were running low and my beard growing long. Not really but It’s nice to shave quick with the electric razor in the morning when you are so busy.

The weather has been really nice though so we were able to run outside this week. The ice is almost all melted but the ground is still wet so we weren’t able to run on the trail that goes along the Neshaminy Creek. The wind really picked up today. We were going to go to the driving range but it is useless. So I think we will go bowling and then over to a buffet with the Elders in Doylestown. I went on exchanges over in there area on Monday and Tuesday there area is a little more spread out and upscale compared to the other areas. It was fun tracting and teaching people though. Elder Peck is over there so I got to be with him for a day which was pretty neat since we haven’t been companions in almost 6 months. It’s crazy thinkin that Elder Peck has been on his mission for 9 months! Time is flying by and he is becoming a great missionary. I think that is about all the time I have for today.

Transfer calls come in on Sunday so lets see what happens. Elder Steele thinks that he is getting transfered but you never know. If he leaves I will have to have another Spanish speaking companion to help me out with the people we are teaching. Elder Steele is a great missionary and is really gaining speed as time goes on. We have been blessed with some amazing people to teach as well. So we are having a blast. Have a great week. Make sure you remind Stacy and James how poor they are at writing letters.

-Elder Michael Oakford


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