January 28, 2009

Hey there,

This last week we had an awesome Sunday. I always forget to update you about our Sundays because we used to write on Monday when everything was fresh but now it’s half way through the week. We had some great people we are teaching at church. Which was great too because it was the Young Womens program and they did an excellent job. Two of the ladies who came loved it and were excited to have their girls in Young Women.

The rest of the week has gone swell. Things have been rolling along and the work is growing here in Morrisville. We are always finding more people to teach and to bring to church. There was a baptism in the ward the week before I got here so that man will be getting the Priesthood this Sunday.  We are really excited for him.

The area is really big and we are getting down to the end of the month and we are cutting it close on miles. The church is 15 miles away so just to go over to Morrisville and back home is a 30 mile trip that we have to make often. We have a couple investigators in Morrisville, some in Langhorne, a few in Bristol and Newtown. So we are all spread out.

They really shook things up here in the mission. With how we track numbers and where and when we do meetings and the such. This Monday will be our Zone Training meeting. Usually we have Zone Training another day of the week but now they are getting rid of week 5 District meeting and just getting everyone together that day. President Murray won’t be there but we do have to see him one other day of the week. Ours is Tuesday sometime. He will go to a building and meet with each of us for our interviews and then we will be good to go back to work. They are going to try this out and see what comes of it. They feel that it will be the same amount of miles and everything but it seems like kinda a hassle to me.

Thank you for the hood and the handwarmers. There were a few times this week when it got a little windy and so I put on my hand neck ear cover/warmer and it worked great. The humidity is whats killing us. It is murder in the summer and then the winter it’s just as damp. But the extra layer has been helping.

Our Stake President has been called to be a mission president so he will be getting released and they will call a new stake president either the end of February or beginning of March. They said they are expecting an apostle to come to do it and then take a tour of where the temple will be. That’s the rumor at least, but it would be cool.

Alright I’ve got to run. Have a great week. I’ll talk to you next week.

Love you,

Elder Michael Oakford


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