January 22, 2009

The beginning of this week we had some freezing cold weather. Actually we learned that we had the coldest nights in over four years. We were out tracting and it was 4 degrees! That’s just madness, everyone made sure we knew it too. I love the snow though, i’ve never seen it snow so much as it did this week. A couple days non-stop. Snow is a whole lot better than rain when you have to be out in it, definately not as wet.

We woke up Saturday morning and when Elder Steele went to get in the shower we were surprised to find out that our pipes were frozen! That was no fun.  So we got dressed and went to our Ward Missionary Coordination meeting and then Sunday morning we were able to shower up at the Anderson’s house.  Monday morning we got out the torch and went to work. We pulled all of the insulation off the pipes and heated them up until we got them cookin’. Then we went to Lowes and got wire that you attach to the underside of the pipes and it heats them up and then re insulated them all.  It was fun but took most of the morning.  And now we have water! YAY! What a blessing!

My focus lately has been studying the scriptures and really gaining some ground in the knowledge department. I love the scriptures! I have such a hard time putting them down. It’s lame, we only get from 8-9 to do our personal study and then on most days we don’t take any sort of break until we get home at night. Then when we get  home we plan until 10:00 then get ready for bed and lights out at 10:30! It’s nuts. I am trying to find every opportunity to read but there is so much. I am half way through The Book of Mormon again and I am trying to re-read Jesus the Christ and also Preach My Gospel etc. but trying to prioritize everything is not working out. I am making this run through The Book of Mormon my #1 right now and then we’ll see what comes next but there is not enough time to do everything that I want to.

We are teaching some great people and seeing lots of progress in the area. It’s nice to have a hard time scheduling people because your nights are already full, what a blessing!

Alright well it’s time to go.

I Love You.

Elder Michael Oakford


One Response to January 22, 2009

  1. Mette says:

    I’m really happy for Mike, He sounds like he’s doing great and having fun. Thank you for still posting his letters. It’s fun to read them and keep up on how he is doing.
    With much love.

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