January 15, 2009

So this Tuesday was my first day in thermals! Yay for me. I tried to hold out as long as possible but come on, 23 degrees all day long with slight wind in your face. If I was doing this for money, I’d find another job.  I guess the high from today on is supposed to be 20 degrees. While we are talking to people on their door step recently, two things have been getting brought up almost every time. #1 A very common comment from almost everyone – “Whoa, it’s really cold out there, you must be freezing.” This ridiculous comment is usually followed by a response to notify them that we already know that yes it is cold. And then we proceed to let them know that if they let us in we wouldn’t be cold. But for some reason they just like to stand at the door and shiver along with us. I get a kick out of it. #2 is also an unneeded comment but I’ve been getting it a lot recently. While introducing ourselves and talking to people at the doorstep they usually ask “Where are you both from?” As soon as I say I’m from California they ask what part I then tell them “Ventura” or “just north of LA.” They then always say something to the effect of “Oh dear, did you know it was 77 degrees in LA today? I bet you wish we had California weather out here huh?” ha ha ha ha ha. For some reason they think that is really funny. But I for one am not laughing. My burning ears and frozen jaw wouldn’t allow it if I wanted to I don’t think.

Everything other than the freezing cold weather is going wonderfully here in Morrisville. I love it. I wouldn’t complain if there was a little more diversity.

We have a wonderful ward and the leaders here that we are working with are amazing. The bishop, Bishop Schwab, gave me time at the end of Sacrament meeting to introduce myself and bear my testimony. Everyone is very friendly and they love doing missionary work.

This is where true happiness lies. As long as you are sharing the Gospel, you will be happy, your family will be happy. God blesses those who do what he really wants them to do. I’ve been reading and writing a lot lately on our focuses. We have our Mortal and temporal focuses and then our Eternal and spiritual focuses. Why do we get so caught up in one more than the other? I don’t know it bugs me. So I’m determined to prevent it.

The missionary work is going great. We have been expecting and seeing miracles every single day! It is amazing! We have been teaching some incredible people too. They just keep coming and coming. Blessings from God? I think SO!

I’ll try to get you a letter out a little later.

I love you.
Have a great week!

Elder Michael Oakford


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