January 8, 2008

Dear Family,

The transfer’s end brought many surprises for us. We had a great turn out at church and lots of people that are just beginning to progress. Then we find out that we are all getting moved. They doubled out my area of Pottstown and the sisters area of Kutztown. They put Elders in Kutztown which is something that we have been working on doing for a little while now, and then two elders I know really well went into Pottstown (lucky kids).
I am now back almost where I started. I am now serving in the Morrisville Ward. It is located just north of the Pennypack ward where I started my mission. I was very excited to hear that. It has absolutely no city but that is fine because I have learned how to work in both kinds of areas. I think you’ll like this though – I live in a little town called Oakford, Pennsylvania!
My new address is
2103 Woodchuck Ln.
Oakford, PA 19053

We live in the guest house of a member. It is a tiny cottage that is down the hill from their house next to a little river. It is a nice change. Still small, but it’s nice to be separated from other people and not have people banging on your walls and playing crazy music at all hours of the night. It’s very peaceful. I’ll have to take some pictures and send them to you.
My new companion is Elder Steele from Orem, UT. He’s an exceptional missionary. He has been out for about a year and was called Spanish-speaking so we do some teaching in Spanish. We taught a wonderful lady last night named Vilma. She is from Peru. They have been working with her for a couple weeks and she has been reading the Book of Mormon and going to the Pennypack Ward since they have classes and such in Spanish. The lesson was so powerful and the spirit was very very strong. Elder Steele has language study every morning from 10-11 so I’m thinking about studying Spanish along with him. He is fluent and is very convincing when he speaks, it would be very neat to learn from him and teach with him.

Everything here is going great. Cold! But great. We will be doing a lot more tracting than I have been but that’s OK because I really love it. I have a really good feeling about the next transfer or two here in Morrisville. I see Elder Steele and myself getting along great and having much success with each other.

It was really sad to leave Pottstown after being there for so long and knowing so many people. It was clear that it wasn’t very difficult for Elder Esplin seeing he had only been there ten weeks he wasn’t very attached. But I’m going to miss a lot of the wonderful people I grew to love. Whereever you go though the Gospel is needed and that’s what I’m here to do. It’s not where you serve but how. I am really determined to kick it into gear and take myself to the next level. And I really think I am in the right spot to do it right now. I know President Murray is called by God and he receives the revelation and knows where to put us. I’m really glad to be here right now with Elder Steele.

I love you all. It was really exciting to here about Stacy tell her I said Congratulations.


Elder Michael Oakford


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