January 1, 2009

First, a couple photos of Mike’s missionary district on Christmas Day.


Happy New Year!
Christmas and New Years were great. Yesterday we were on exchanges with the zone leaders in our area. It was freezing cold! Elder Covington, who I was with, left his jacket in the car that the other missionaries were in. He was shivering a good part of the day until we could get a hold of them and have them come back with his coat.
We didn’t have enough food for everyone to have something good in the apartment so we went out to the Chinese Buffet. It was good, but not worth it.  Two of us got home for break and then didn’t leave. We got food poisoning and I suffered all night and morning long. I’m just starting to feel better but I didn’t get much sleep. I’ll be fine, this is something that just comes and goes.

Transfers are this Sunday. I am less than excited. Some of the things that I do know are happening I’m saddened by. But what can you do? I’m wondering if I’ll be here for one more or not. If I am there will only be one other companionship in my district. Since we are cutting down on miles they are making smaller districts so people don’t have to travel as far. We meet in Reading, which round trip makes about a 60 mile day. The Kutztown sisters travel about the same distance but next week they will be meeting in Allentown instead. When I first got here we had about 1350 miles but we had 1100 this month and they would cut us back to 900 next month. I don’t understand why with gas prices so low they continue to cut our mileage? But I just do what I’m told.

We set a baptismal date with young woman names Ceire. We are very excited for that. She said that she wanted to wait to be baptized until she finished the whole Book of Mormon. She is now on page 500!

It was really nice to talk to you on Christmas. I was glad everyone was there to talk to, even Julie for a time. We had a fantastic Christmas. It was great to be able to spend it with friends that you are close to and to have a lot of fun. It is so important to make the best out of the important times on your mission. You only get two Christmas’ make the best out of them.

I hope all is well at home. I bet it’s great having the whole family together. For Christmas/ New Years, I wrote letters to each missionary in our districts parents. I am so glad to be serving with the missionaries I do. They are all amazing and bring so much to our district.

I hope you all get feeling better soon.
I love you.

Elder Michael Oakford


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