December 18, 2008

So you say that it was colder in Simi than it was here for awhile, huh?   That’s hard to believe.  It snowed here pretty heavily and the roads were pretty crazy on Tuesday. We were worried about driving up to Reading on Wednesday for Zone Training meeting but it started sprinkling late Tuesday night and the roads were clear by the morning. When it snows here, people slow way down.  Driving on the highway is crazy– people are way paranoid and most just don’t go out, period. They cancel school, too. I remember last year in Frankford it had just started snowing and they let the kids out of school, then in the summer they don’t have good A/C, so they kick the kids outta school again! Kinda funny.

Yesterday was zone training meeting. It went really well. It was a couple hours of very intense training and then we had a Christmas program put on by the missionaries. Then President and Sister Murray had Famous Dave’s delivered. So that was really good.  After that, we played games and things with President Murray. Lots of fun.

My district is doing really well. They all put a lot into the training meeting and in turn got a lot out of it. They work really hard and they have been able to see some great progress in their areas. We all work pretty tough areas and all three of them are very different from the others. Farm land – Very city – and a mix of the both.

We don’t really know what we have going on for Christmas. We haven’t set our plans completely yet. We know that we are having lunch with a family but other than that, not much planned. President suggested that we could get together with our Districts and have a devotional or whatever if it was possible. That would be nice but we’ll see. I might just leave the planning up to the sisters. We are also spread out pretty wide so getting together takes up a good chunk of miles. It would be worth it.

I’m not sure right now what time I will be calling home because I don’t know exactly whats going on. So I might have someone call you or EMail you to let you know. What time would be best for you? Let me know.

Things here are going great, moving forward slowly and steadily. It takes a lot of patience and hard work.

I love you!
I’ll talk to you on Christmas.

Elder Michael Oakford


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