December 11, 2008

Another week gone.

This week didn’t contain much of anything that was fun or exciting, at least yet. Just the same old same old. We have been trying to track some of the people who we are going to be working with down and trying to make appointments but it has been pretty difficult. This past week at church was rough too. Everyone that we were teaching and even a bunch of members were sick! So our church list was pretty slim.

We did have Zone Conference on Thursday. That was very helpful. We were down in Broomall at 815 and it started at 9. We ended up leaving at about 5:00 or so. So that made for a long day of learning. It was good to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time though. A lot of the missionaries I served with or around are now getting close to going home. So it was nice to see them.

I found out that the Frankford branch was started up last month or so and is now doing really well. They are having much success with a branch with local leadership in that area. For such a small area they are seeing a good amount of people at church. They have only one zip code that filters into their branch and they see about 40-50 people at church a week. Pretty good compared to some of the branches up here in Reading that cover hundreds of square miles and get less than that!

Our district is doing great. Next week we have zone training meeting and like last year, We will only have about three hours of training and then President and Sister Murray have a lunch that they prepare and lots of fun Christmas games. We were all asked to participate in our zones Christmas program as well. Which should be fun. I think Elder Esplin will pretend to play the violin while I pretend to play the piano and will just press play on the CD player and make it look good. That’s about all for talent that we can offer.

Our ward is doing great. The end of the year is coming quickly and they have been doing great with missionary work. Especially in the holiday season. I hope you have as well.

I’ve got to run. But I love you.

Merry Christmas.
Elder Michael Oakford


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