December 4, 2008

Dear Dad,

For my first two district meetings I have had to use parts of talks that you wrote and sent to me. So I really appreciate you sending me the talks that you write, they have really come in handy. I never knew how stressful it could be to be the District Leader, but I really am loving it. It is pushing me to grow and study harder than I ever have. I love every one of our missionaries. Last Sunday the Sisters called and I knew that they had had some struggles with some things in their area. But when they called and said “Elder Oakford, in the past we have been to meetings and listened to talks and things like that where all our questions that we had had been answered. We don’t know exactly what you are supposed to talk about but we’ll pray for you and we know that if you pray hard God will tell you what you need to say and what we need to hear.” ( or something along those lines.) During the night I had many different impressions and few very clear. One was If you try to solve this concern you’ll do it, but instead teach them where to find the answers. Another was to look to Christ in everything that we did. I had an object lesson pop in my head that I used that went really well. So I was grateful. I was half nervous going into District Meeting but then very comforted knowing that what I was going to talk about is what was needed. It all flowed really well and turned out great.
On Tuesday our whole district tracted in the Kutztown area. It helped a lot to build unity and to strengthen our District. We found a couple of people and taught a few lessons.
On Friday we are going to Broomall for our Zone Conference. I always look forward to them and expect to learn a lot. It’s definitely a time we can use to sharpen our sickle.  Afterward, we have our ward party held at the church. It’s a Christmas Luau? I don’t really understand, it’s freezing cold outside. I told them in California maybe this would slide but it might SNOW! Whatever though. Good food and nice people.
What I am really looking forward to is Sunday. The Christmas Devotional is one of my favorites. Since we do not have a church building, we are getting a ride with one of the members to either Kutztown or Reading . I hope we can get a good amount of investigators to that, I’m really excited for it.
We’ve been teaching a lot of great people. Our area is so big though. We have to be careful where we go or we will spread our miles really thin. Can’t do that!

I love you. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas.

I love you,

Elder Michael Oakford


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