Happy Thanksgiving–November 27, 2008


This past week has been so much fun!
Today we went and played football at the Ward’s Turkey Bowl. Their was a great turn out and it wasn’t too cold so we had a blast. I love this ward so much we have so many great families and I think there are more that are moving in soon.

On a sad note though, Brother Gardner, our beloved Ward Mission Leader was released last Sunday. One of our Ward missionaries, Kris Spring, was called as our new Ward Mission Leader. He’s a great guy and we love him a lot so it will be fun to work with him now.

On Sunday, I got a call from one of our Assistants to the President. He told me that I would be the new District Leader in Pottstown.  Fun! Our first District Meeting was yesterday in Reading. It was lots of fun. I was nervous getting it together so fast though. District Meeting goes from 10:30 to 12:00 on Mondays. You have a role play, that last the majority of the time, and then for the last half hour, you give a talk.  Our role play was focused on asking thought provoking questions and bearing your testimony. Then I taught about becoming instruments in the hands of God. I passed out the Christlike Attribute evaluation that is in Preach My Gospel and had everyone in our district set goals to improve themselves. I guess it went really well. The Zone Leaders chose our District Meeting to come to, so they were there as well. I think it went really well.  I got some compliments that really surprised me. The one thing that I was glad about was people could tell that I put a lot of time and effort into it, so I was happy.

We have a great District too. It consists of the Elders in Reading, Elder McNaughton from Canada that has been out about 2 months and his companion Elder Andrus who has been out a year. And the Sisters in Kutztown, Sister Vance from all over but currently claiming Cedar City, UT who has been out about a year And her companion Sister Olson also from all over but who claims Salt Lake City, UT.  An Amazing group!

Today we were invited to one of the Ward get-togethers. It should be fun.  Right after though, we have to go, since you can’t really knock on people’s doors on Thanksgiving.

We’ll be sticking around in our apartment at least for a couple weeks. So you can keep sending stuff to the King St. Apartment.

It sounds like you have a fun Thanksgiving planned. Tell Grandma and Stacy I said Hi.

I’ll talk to you all on Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love you,
Elder Michael Oakford


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