November 20, 2008

It’s snowing!!!! The past couple day’s the temperature has really dropped. The first day I wasn’t prepared at all and was on an exchange in Reading with our Zone Leaders. It was brutal but we had a great time. Then Tuesday night I went into Reading again to go on exchanges with another set of missionaries and found out that they had been sleeping with no heat in there apartment for the past couple weeks, and hadn’t done anything about it.. So we got that fixed and while I was there it dropped into the 20s during the day. Way too cold for me! But it’s ok, I haven’t put on my thermals or any other layers yet. I figure I’ll save them for when it’s really cold.

I’m glad that Sister Woodman was able to get a hold of you. I felt really bad that I forgot to tell you I got your package and I was very grateful for everything inside. Sister Woodman is awesome–she is always there for us if we need anything and sometimes calls to check on us.

I got to here from Elder Stewart this week. He sounded great. He is happy and doing well at home. I was glad he wrote because I was thinking about him a lot since he left.

Elder Esplin and I have been doing great. The area is really starting to heat up. The ward is behind us in all that we do and really wants to help out. I love proactive ward members, they make missionary work so much easier.

Have the Andersons heard from Austen. He wrote me today but didn’t say how his baptism went. How about Justin and Chris? Please tell Brother Newberry and Harper I said hi and that I love them. I miss them all very much.

I’ve got to run for now. We are headed up to Reading AGAIN! Third time this week, but I’ll try to think of anything I forgot to say and then write you when we get home.

I love you.

Elder Michael Oakford


One Response to November 20, 2008

  1. Janae Brogan says:

    Hello my name is Janae and I servered in the same district as your son about two and a half weeks ago. I got sent home because I have to have double knee surgery, but I wanted to let you know that your son is a wonderful man, and that you have raised him well, and I appreciate you sharing him with me and the people of Philadelphia for this sort two years, you truely will be blessed! Thanks, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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