November 13, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,

Pottstown is doing wonderfully. The weather is getting a little gloomy but that’s not deadening the spirits or the work at all. This past week has been amazing. Sunday was Stake Conference, and it was probably the best Stake Conference I have ever been to. It was held in a High School gym because of the amount of people in the huge stake. The speakers were a Recent Convert of about 6 months, a young single adult woman who floored everyone with an amazing talk, Sister Murray was asked to share her testimony, President Murray gave an incredible talk on the simplicity of the gospel, a member of the temple presidency spoke on of course the temple, the stake president and then an area seventy Elder David Cook. The intensity of the Spirit was commented on by many of the people there. It was a very good meeting.

Monday after district meeting, I went on exchages with the Zone leaders. I went into Reading with Elder Richardson from Arizona. He knows how much I loved working in the city, so since their area is split into half city and half suburb he planned for us to teach and tract in the city the day I was up there. That was so much fun, I am so comfortable knocking on row homes for hours at a time, I love it! We found some great people and taught a couple lessons to a few interested people. I came back home on Monday evening and had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader and then went to visit a new ward missionary and an investigator we’ve been working with.

Yesterday we had Zone Training Meeting in Reading. It was one of the best and most spiritual meetings I have been to since I’ve been on my mission. A lot of personal preparation went into the training that day by the leaders and by us, the missionaries. There were great talks given and we had very interesting and fun role plays. The highlight however was my interview with President Murray. I have never had a more personal more spiritual interview with him. He and I have been getting very close lately and I love him more and more everyday. I think that  I was sent here to this mission just to be near him and learn from him.  He and Sister Murray are so loving and are so interested in the lives of each one of their missionaries. I was the last person to have interviews which I loved, because then there is nobody banging on the door telling you time is up. Usually you get cycled through in five minute intervals. But yesterday we had time to talk and I learned so much.

The people we are teaching are doing well.  Beulah basically disappeared earlier in the month and couldn’t get interviewed for baptism. But we recently found her and she is doing really well. We nailed her biggest concern as her sister. She was filling her with untruths when we were not there. LAME. Oh well. She has been doing really well the past week or so and still is planning on being baptized but has a fear of backsliding that we were able to talk about. She has so much love and support from the ward, I don’t think there will really be a problem.  Ceire is a 13 year old girl who has been coming to church for a year or so and she is doing awesome as well. She is such an intelligent girl I was so surprised when we started teaching her. It wow’d me. Her mother is very smart as well and I think sometimes that could be a problem, but she is down for ceire to be baptized, but wants her to take her time… We have a couple others that are looking great for the near future but I’m out of time.

I love you. I hope all is well at home. Tell Grandma and Julie and Stacy I said hi and that I love them.

Elder Michael Oakford


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