November 6, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am excited that my warm clothes are on the way. It is starting to get chilly and they will be much needed very soon.  My new companion and I are doing well.  He was able to make a great transition from area to area.  Something I was worried about was bringing in someone new who was not going to be attached to the goals set at the beginning of the transfer. But he came in ready to get to work, which I really appreciated.  We have been doing a lot more tracting than I have done in months.  But I am glad because I know it works. We have been finding some great people who are interested in learning more and coming to church.

Our first week in the new church was wonderful.  The church we are using fits us nicely. We were worried we would have a tough first week but everything went smoothly. It was great. There was a very nice spirit in the church that everyone felt. The pastor got up at the beginning and gave a very nice welcome. They are so accommodating and very friendly.  This next Sunday is stake conference. They are holding it in a high school auditorium up past Reading. This is a  really big stake geographically so I was surprised when they didn’t split it into two different meetings like they do in Philadelphia.  I received a letter from Elder Karl Stewart, who is back at home in Arizona now. He seems to be happy and doing ok. I miss him a lot though. He was a great companion and I wish we could have been together a little longer. I hope we will be able to keep in contact and remain good friends. Even in the short time he was here in Pottstown he made a big impact on some people here who miss him dearly.

All is going well. We have to get going because we are meeting some missionaries to switch out our car. We are trading in our 2004 Mazda 3 for a 2009 Chevy Malibu. Not a bad exchange if you ask me!

I love you. I hope all is going well at home.

Elder Michael Oakford

And a quick note from Mike.

Things are picking up here in Pottstown but it is very very difficult. We could use all the prayer we can get. It is a completely different mission out here than compared to the city. Stick me in front of a black person and let me go! Put me in a situation where a family needs change and it is no problem. But tracting in places where there are three nice new cars in the driveway and it takes two minutes just to walk from door to door and they are content with the life that they are living and feel no inclination to change…. Well that’s a different story! The only plus is that when you do find someone, it’s usually a family and they will most likely stick around forever.  I’m adapting though. Working hard. That’s all I can do, and I learned from watching you.

I love you!



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