October 30, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,

This past week has been a really tough one with lots of things happening here in Pottstown. Elder Stewart left for Arizona on Tuesday, some things happened back at home and he needed to go and help out. I love him and really miss him. It was a difficult couple days before he flew home. He is an amazing missionary and we worked so well together. We drove Tuesday morning to Broomall where he was taken to the Airport and I waited for my new companion Elder Esplin to arrive from Smyrna, Delaware. Elder Esplin is from Cedar City and has been out for about 16 months. We’ve known each other from serving close to each other in the past. I expect that the is going to go really smooth.

We have a baptism scheduled for this Sunday in Reading at 9am. We are really excited. We have been working with Beulah Suddith for a couple months and she is now ready to be baptized. We are going to be able to have her baptism in Reading in the morning and then her confirmation at our new church in Limerick in the afternoon. Our amazing Ward Mission Leader, Brother Ron Gardner, will be the one doing the baptism.

Winter is coming on very quickly. It’s kinda hit us the past couple weeks especially. It dropped into the 30s and it’s windy. I’m not sure when exactly we will be moving into the Woodmans yet but you can send the package to their house. I’ll get you the address a little later today.

I got your form letter. Which made me laugh but I also thought was pretty ridiculous! I will be better. Right now I am not writing much of anyone by hand. We have been trying to stay very busy and then I never make time to write to others. But I will.

Alright I’ve run out of time. But more to come later.

I love you!



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