October 23, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,

This Sunday will be the last time that we will meet in our building for church. They will be remodeling for 6 months, so we are now going to meet at the Saint James United Church of Christ in Limerick. I think this is going to really bring the ward together. For the past couple weeks, we have been moving everything out of the church and into big storage containers.

Elder Stewart and I are doing fantastic! We have been doing a ton of finding. This area has so much potential and the ward has been doing so well. Our teaching pool is growing and we are going to be baptizing a couple people very soon. We don’t really know where or when we will be able to baptize them but I think it would be really cool to baptize them in the morning and then confirm them in the afternoon that day. This past week we have been tracting more than ever and it’s been paying off! We’ve been finding some great people.

We have been driving a lot to teach a bunch of people on the outskirts of our area so our mileage has been a pretty big concern. We get about 1200 miles a month and if we don’t slow down we’re on track to break that. So we’ve been trying to conserve miles and have members help us out here and there.  Good thing gas prices are dropping a ton, we got gas for $2.79 the other day!  I’ve seen gas on my mission go from $4.20 in Philly to this and it’s still dropping.

And the big news is that we might be moving in with the wonderful Woodman family! This will most likely happen within the next couple weeks. It’s in the mission’s hands now so we’re just waiting to hear from them.

I love you!

Elder Mike Oakford


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