October 8, 2008

Dear Mom,

The moving in deal didn’t work out. The church rules require you to have your own room that’s big enough to have everything you need in it. You have to have a place to study at that is not like a kitchen table or bar. And the rule that busted the deal was bathrooms. You have to have your own bathroom that no one else can share. Where we were going has a bathroom in the master bedroom and then the hallway bathroom that we would have had to share with there son. DANG IT! Oh well.. I was really excited to get in there though.

How did you like conference? I had a lot of questions answered and got some great notes. I wish I had time to share them with you, but we just got back from doing all our P-Day things and now don’t have much time to do much else so I’ll have to get running.

I hope all is well at home. Please let dad know that I am getting that form faxed back today so he knows.

I love you.




They only let us know about the date for this special zone conference on Monday so we had to let our families know so they could write us a day earlier.

How excited were you when you heard that we are getting a temple?! My companion and I were so happy. We just found out last night that they announced the site for the temple. Not where I was hoping but still very cool. The church owns 26 acres right outside of Valley Forge and that’s where all the people up here were hoping it would be. But we found out that the Temple site is at Broad St. and Spring Garden St. right in downtown Philly.  It will be a good but small spot right on the border of the ghetto basically.

Tomorrow we are meeting with Elder Bruce C. Hafen. He has sent us two talks that we have been studying so we can have a question and answer time with him. He will be asking us what we think about certain parts of his talks and how we can teach them… Things like that. It should be fun.
Alright, I’ve got to roll. But I’ll write more later.



One Response to October 8, 2008

  1. Debi Lassen says:

    We of course thought of you, Mike, right away when we heard the annoucnement of the Philadelphia Temple. That is so wonderful for the people there.
    We are glad you could enjoy conference, too, and know it was a lift for you as it was for us. Steffen’s favorite quote was the “stand and lift where you are” quote by Elder Uchtdorf during the Priesthood session. There were lots of good things to quote and make part of our lives.

    We love to check in on your letters and read how it’s going for you. Another quote from Steffen was “hope you know we are having a hard time” (Elder Cook’s talk) since lots of their contacts are fake numbers and no shows. The teaching pools in his area are small. He serves in two Singles wards and things are slow, but he and his companion do their best to get out and find people on their own. He’s not discouraged.

    Best wishes to you, Mike. The Church is true, it will go forth boldly and nobly….it is God’s work and we are so blessed to be part of it.

    Lots of love,
    The Lassen family

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