October 2, 2008

Holy Moly, it’s getting cold! Yesterday and today it has been really chilly. The leaves on the trees are changing and it has been beautiful in some places we drive. With conference coming up this weekend we are going to be changing our clothes and we have to wear suit jackets or at least a jacket or sweater. I’m going to try to find a nice zip up jacket to wear during the fall and early winter. Especially if I’m serving out in the suburbs with a car. It’s much nicer that way instead of wearing a big poofy jacket all the time. When I see gas prices here it makes me less than excited to come home and have to start paying for gas again. Where I’m at we are holding at about $3.49. We never try to pay over $3.50/gallon. TOO MUCH!

Yes, the shoes I got were the ones from Rockport. I guess they came early. I wish I would have known or I wouldn’t have paid for another couple pair just a couple weeks ago. That sounds like a whole lot of fun, getting to go to Dawn’s beach house and spend the night. I didn’t really miss grass or the beach until I came out of the city. Then I guess you have a little more time to think about it. I really miss the beach though.

I received the absentee ballot and your letters in the mail today. Thank you. I filled out the request form and will send it off tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow we are going to go to Reading for our Zone Training Meeting. It’s a once a Transfer deal so I’m hoping it would be good. What I am really looking forward to is General Conference! I’m really excited for that. We have a couple of investigators coming and they are also anxious. Being able to hear from the Prophet and the Apostles is a great opportunity to change and grow. I wish I had paid more attention growing up. We will be watching most of the sessions at the church. But the last session we will be watching with the Purdy’s since we have a dinner with them that night. Our move in is set for this weekend we think. We’ve been getting some wish-washy answers so we’re trying to figure it out so we don’t leave the Woodman’s hanging. They are really excited to have us there, they are hoping to have missionaries live with them until Dan their son goes on his mission in a few years. So they’re in for the long haul.

Alright well we are back to work. We have a meeting with Our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Gardner, before he comes out teaching with us tonight.

I love you! I hope you are doing well.

Love Mike!

Enjoy Conference!


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