September 18, 2008

Hey Mom,

I’m really sorry, I don’t have much time to type today. We have been cutting our breaks and our P-day today early so we can spend more time with people who are starting to progress. I also had this list of everything I was going to write to you but unfortunately left it at home! LAME! Sorry.

We are doing really well. Things are slowly starting to pick up in the Pottstown ward. We had the most investigators at church this past week that this ward has had in over 8 months. We’re really excited about that. This ward has been providing some amazing referrals that we have been able to teach. This one young girl we will be preparing for baptism is a next door neighbor of one of the young women. The family is really excited. This girl has been coming to church for a little while but has never been taught. We’ll have some great things coming up here in the next little while.

We have been told as of Sunday that we are the next missionaries being placed with members.  Bishop Deursch has been working on it for a little while but the mission is really stressing it. They want us to be moved into a member home within the next three weeks or so. .. we’ll see what happens.

I went shopping and got a great deal on two pairs of shoes. One for walking and one for church only. For a while I couldn’t find a nice pair of shoes that weren’t way expensive but I did. I bought a pair of Bostonians at the Outlets and then a pair of Stacy Adams from Boscov’s, both on sale! Oh yeah!!

Tomorrow we are headed to Zone Conference in Broomall. It will be fun. I’m excited to see a bunch of people that I haven’t seen in a long time. Being up here in the Reading Zone is really different from the City. I know that you have been wanting me describe what the area is like… but I’m still trying. There are really nice neighborhoods with gigantic homes and then there is the city.  You just drive down the highways from township to township or through the fields to other little boroughs. It’s really nice and I like it.

Alright.. That’s it for now. I love you and hope all is going well at home. I’m glad you got to talk to Sister Gettle. She is such a sweetheart. We take her out teaching to get her out of the house every couple days. She’s a ward missionary so she loves it.

I love you!



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