September 4, 2008

Sorry I’m writing a little later than I usually do we’ve been out and about with a couple members that we have been working to reactivate. We went up into Amish country to a big buffet called Shady Maples.  This place was huge. It was pretty cool to drive through their town though. It is right next to where all those kids were shot in there schoolhouse. Really nice people.

I’m sorry last week’s e-mail was a little shorter than you would have liked. The library we normally go to is only 30 minutes a pop. Kinda lame.

My leg is feeling so much better this week. I have made sure to stretch it every day really well. I’m walking and even jogging every morning. I had ice on and off of it for hours at a time.

Our talks on Sunday went really well. My companion and I had the bulk of the meeting and then the second councilor closed it out. It was really cool. Our whole church meeting was just like a Zone Conference for members, led by the bishop. I was so impressed. Our ward leadership is amazing, especially our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Gardner.

Transfers came and went with no changes in my District other than our District Leader. One of my friends from the Philadelphia Spanish ward is now our district leader. Our district consists of Elder Olsen and me in Pottstown, Sisters Olson and McFarland in the Kutztown ward, and then our district leader and his companion Elders Gomez and Coleman  serve in one of the Reading English wards. It’s a great district with a lot of experienced missionaries. We hold our district meetings at the Reading Stake center every Monday at 1030am. Our schedule as you know has kinda been switched around a bit so that we have our district meeting for an hour and a half and then we have our weekly planning meet right after until 2 and then our break until 4. So that’s our new Monday schedule. Fun stuff.

Well everything else is going great. We have some troubles that come with serving in a suburban area, but what can you do?

My shoes are kinda getting worn down so I went to check out the outlets and checked prices. They were the usual outlet prices. I saw a couple things that I like so maybe I’ll go back and get some. I’m planning on getting a really nice pair of meeting shoes and then a nice pair of everyday shoes that will hold up. They seem to all run in the 59.99 to 79.99 range. So I don’t know I think I’ll keep looking. Let me know what you think.

How has geocaching been going? It’s really nice having a car and being out of the city. We have been in some beautiful places and been getting some nice pictures. Elder Olsen and I are so much alike. We love to be adventurous. My pictures are on the way. Elder Atkinson lost his card so I let him borrow mine and make copies of a lot of pictures. I just got my card back so I sent Julie a copy of the pictures and yours will come with a rough draft copy of my talk and some other things.

Alright. I’ve got to go for now. By the way, the answer to your question about sending anything to my apartment is YES, it is completely safe. They keep all the packages in the office and then stick a notice in your mailbox to let you know something’s waiting for you.

Love you much.


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