August 6, 2008

I love my area more and more all the time. It is big and we have been trying to walk as much as possible to conserve miles. I think I told you we are allotted 1300 a month. Our members are very spread out but they have been so nice to us and are offering to come to Pottstown and pick us up a lot of the time. That has helped us to save about 100 miles already. The members in this ward are also very proactive and are great at helping us out. They volunteer to come teaching and have us over to teach in their homes as well. We are also getting fed a couple times a week! Something I am not used to at all. I think my stomach has shrunk while I was in the city because it’s hard for me to pack away a decent sized meal! It’s a good thing though because when people sign up to feed us, they also sign themselves up for a lesson and a commitment to do missionary work THEN have us over again for a follow up!

Friday is our Zone Conference in Broomall. Then Zone Training is going to be the 22nd of this month I think. If you need to get anything to me, you can then. If you have any nice CDs with classical or church or bagpipe music I’d appreciate some. We do lots of driving and with the few CDs that we have we are getting pretty bored.

Ok thats all for now. I love you!



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