July 31, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Just so I don’t forget later, P-Day for next week has been changed because of Zone Conferences so next week I will be writing on Wednesday.

I hope everything is OK and the earthquake didn’t effect you too bad. I went over to a members home and they told me all about it. They said it hit some spots pretty hard. I guess Judge Judy got pretty frazzled from what they were showing on the news.

I love Pottstown! It is really nice to take a break and breathe. Our wards boundaries are HUGE. So we get around by car. We actually have a really nice car, A 2004 Mazda 3 Starlight Green. We get allotted 1300 miles a month so we have to be careful.

The suburban area is a lot different from the city. Everything is different actually. The way you teach and talk to people in general. The tracting and ways of finding people is completely opposite. It has been a big adjustment but I love it. It gives me the opportunity to sharpen the other side of my sickle!
I had the chance to take back those pants this morning. Thankfully they had just my size. I’m wearing them today so I’ll take a picture when we go out with the district this afternoon. Right now we are up in Reading it is kinda the center of our district so we all met here and now are going for a little adventure.

I’m glad you got your birthday present. I was afraid you wouldn’t.

Everything is going Magnificent. Elder Olsen and I are doing SO good.

I love you!

Elder Oakford

PS. Tell Jake and Josh that I live right next to the Reading railroad. I’ll have to send them a picture of me standing next to the big engines.

Love you!


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