July 24, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,
I was very surprised when transfer calls came in on Sunday night. I was told that I would be there for about 6 months, so I was planning out things for the long haul. But I packed up and got ready to go. When we got to transfer meeting my name was the first one on the wall. I am now in Pottstown, PA with Elder Dave Olsen! I am actually really excited to be out of the city for the first time. It is beautiful here. We cover a ward that is about 75 miles from one side to the other. We are in the Reading stake so the stake center isn’t to far away, About 30 minutes. I have had a great couple nights so far. The ward is really nice and loves their missionaries. My companion is a wonderful missionary, I knew him at the beginning of my mission when he was in North Philly with me.

My new home address is 262 King Street,  Apt. 727, Pottstown, PA 19464
We have a really nice and clean apartment.

This transfer is going to be so much fun. The ward is great and really excited to do missionary work.

The Library we do EMail at is small so it has shorter computer times, But I wanted to let you where I was.

I love you Have a wonderful week!



One Response to July 24, 2008

  1. Debi Lassen says:

    Hi Mike,
    I check in on your blog from time to time and love to read your letters from your mission. I’m happy you are excited for your transfer to Potsdam, PA My sister-in-law, Anna (John’s sister) was married to a man from Potsdam. I wonder if he still has family there we could refer to you. I’ll work on that and see.
    Best wishes in your new area and with your new companion.

    Life has been very full here in the Lassen family….you would think summer would slow down a bit, but it hasn’t. Lots going on.

    John was ordained a Patriarch a month ago. We are changing Steffen’s room into an office/ guest room/blessing room and so it’s torn up right now as we paint, change carpet in there and change the furniture. We aren’t finished yet, but he has two blessings to give this Sunday and he gave his first one this past Thursday night. What a humbling and faith promoting experience this is.

    We are doing well and think about you so often. Take care.
    Love, The Lassen’s

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