July 17, 2008

This week has been good, just a lot of the same. Chasing down people who mostly don’t want to be found. As for teaching, we have a few investigators that we are working with but right now our job is mostly working with Recent Converts and Less Active Members. We’ve got a nice size teaching pool that we can go to. Our standard for lessons is set by Elder Ballard, 20-30 lessons a week. Usually that’s not that difficult of a goal but it really depends on where you are serving.
Germantown is doing great and activity is increasing.   We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday. Sam is really excited. The plan is baptism on Saturday, Confirmation on Sunday then to the Temple for Baptisms for the Dead the following Saturday! That is going to be really exciting. Keith and Sam are both going to be there so I asked them to take a picture of them in front of the temple for me.

Today I am going to visit Rozzina. One of my Recent converts who was baptized on March 9th in Frankford. She had the missionaries get a hold of me and let me know that her health is declining due to cancer and now an enlarged heart. The doctors just told her that she is terminally ill and doesn’t have too much longer. So today we are going to go see her for a little while. Some how early this week she got my phone number and called me, she’s the funniest lady. She testified her head off until I told her I had to go. I’m excited that I got permission to go back and see her.

Everything else is going well. This ward is an incredible ward to work with. They have members who are very missionary minded and willing to do so much. I love it.


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