July 10, 2008

It sounds like you and mom and dad are all having fun and planning some adventurous trips! I tried
to pass a temple trip past President Murray but it got rejected. Too bad.

On the 26th our ward is having a temple trip that is especially for new members. I am so happy
because I will be having TWO men from this area go! Keith Rowe who was baptized last transfer and
is so excited and then Sam Gourdine who will be baptized this Sunday confirmed next Sunday and then
go to the temple the Saturday following, how cool.

Sam is a man that was found in Feburary when some elders saw him broken down on the side of the
rode and offered to push his car home. He is amazing and his testimony is growing rapidly. The members have really taken him under their wing as well. This ward is great to work with. We teach or take teaching at least 5-7 Active Members a week. That is my favorite. A lot of them are young and here just for Dental school.

On the Fourth of July it was Elder Pecks birthday so we had a party with the Elders Quorum President, First Counselor and a Ward Missionaries families! These families are all really great. They are so active and involved in missionary work and just great friends to whomever they meet.

Right now we are down in Center City going to see the sites with some missionaries who haven’t. P-Day is wierd on Thursday but we’ll get used to it.

Small packages can be sent to the Apartment. They usually drop it with the lady at the front desk
and then she will come put it in our apartment.

I love you. Let everyone know I am doing well and working my tail off!

Elder Michael Oakford


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