June 30, 2008

This week has been really good. We have worked really really hard and have seen the miracles! There are going to be some amazing things happening in this next transfer or so.

First off NEWS, Preparation Day has been changed. This will be the last time you will hear from me on a Monday. From now on P-Day will be on thursdays. Kinda interesting but whatever change is OK sometimes.

Some news: On Saturday, we had a FREE CAR WASH. We had Missionaries dancing in the middle of Broad St. to try to get people to pull in and get there car washed. While we were washing their car they would get out and missionaries would meet them at the door to the church where they could (and did) go inside and take a tour of the church and eat cookies and lemonade provided by the Relief Society. It was really nice. We started at 930AM and went to 100pm and washed aproximately 88 cars! The only bad thing about it is my SUNBURN! Ouch! I didn’t have shoes on because my sandals kept falling off so the tops of my feet are dark RED! My neck, the back of my legs (basically the parts of my body that receive absolutely NO sun as a missionary) got toasted. But thats OK, I’ll deal with it.
The car wash was very successful. People walked away having been inside our church and feeling the Spirit, having their questions answered and usually with a copy of Finding Faith in Christ and either The Book of Mormon or Bible in their hands! Good day!

We had a great turn out at church yesterday as well. About 13 people we have been teaching showed up! Very unexpected but a great surprise.

Everything is going great. The weather is not bad and my companion is learning really fast.

I love you all and have to run!

I’ll write again on Thursday.
Love Mike


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