June 23, 2008

Today has been crazy so this might be really short. I’m not sure. When we got to the library (two hours ago) we sat down and started reading our letters but then all the computers got shut down!  So now we just sending notes quick just in case it does it again.

This week has been good. In Elder Peck’s words, “Missionary work involves a lot of walking!” So we are tired. We have been trying to track down a lot of the priority families that we want to get back to church. We are focusing on Potential Priesthood holders. This is going to be really different at first because President just made a rule that there will be no more teaching of single women. At all… Thats basically all of Philadelphia but it is true that you cannot build the church with just a ton of women being baptized.
This week is going to be pretty hectic. We have a lot on our plate. We have exchanges with the Assistants and Zone Conference this week. We will have a little more than three working days. We have been teaching Keith’s kids and they are doing amazing. We are just praying that somehow we will be able to reach out to their mother and she will allow them to be baptized. We are also working with this woman named Rose. We had to take a break from teaching her because it is HIV/AIDs awareness month and she is a volunteer for that. We haven’t been able to teach her as much but she has still been coming to church. I am glad because she is really cool.

I have to go but I love you. Be Safe. Tell Michael Hammon I Love Him!!!

Elder Michael Oakford


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