June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!!
I hope you got my card. I didn’t know where the closest post office was so I gave it to one of the ladies I’m teaching and she said she would take it there and make sure the postage was enough. I just hope it made it to the post office…

Well,  everything here is going pretty good. I’m healthy, safe, and having lots of fun so let me tell you about my last week.
On Tuesday, we went to our Transfer meeting where everyone but the Trainers found out their new companions and new areas so everybody was really happy and excited for that. After that meeting the 6 trainers had a meeting with President Murray and learned a lot about what is expected of us and how to handle someone who has come straight from home (signs of depression, stress..etc.) After that meeting we all went out to an area called Chester. We met up with another companionship and then all 8 of us stayed at their house that night. It was a ton of fun we had this big lightening storm roll through so we got some cool pictures.  Then the next morning we all drove to Media,PA to Presidents huge house and met our new companions and had breakfast and then a couple hour long introduction and training meeting (think I’m tired of meetings or what?) There was a great group of missionaries that came in too.  My new companion is Elder Chris Peck from Atlanta, GA.   He is 23 and has been in the Army for the past couple years. He’s a great kid though and excited and ready to take on Missionary work. We have gotten a long great so far and fit pretty well together. Our area is giving us a lot of trouble but that just makes us work even harder. I love it. Things have kinda cooled down for the time being and we are just getting a lot of night summer showers. It was so funny the other night it looked very clear but when we walked out of an appt. we saw this huge bolt of lightning right in front of us and then it just started pouring! It was crazy. It was raining so hard and we were drenched but since it was only 800pm we kept working. We went and knocked on people’s doors but they mostly thought we were crazy. It’s called diligence people, ever heard of it? (kind of a new concept to me too, I know) At least we had fun. It paid off though. When 900pm finally did roll around this one lady poked her head out her door and asked us if we were crazy which we immediately turned into a teaching opportunity and then there you have it, New Investigator! yay for us. She couldn’t come to church this week because of fathers day but she said she and her husband will be there this next week if we come by and teach her more! OH YEAH!
I am really looking forward to this next transfer. I’ll be sending my pictures to you soon so you can see what is happening. Keith passed the Sacrament this week and brought some of his extended family that lives in the area. His kids want to be baptized but we are running into a bit of trouble with the mom. I hope and pray everything works out though. He has two amazing kids, Angelica 9 and Elijah 13. They were so excited to hear that there dad can baptise them too, that will be a really special day!
Elder Peck and I are loving the area and working really hard to get something happening. I’m going to send you a letter that President Murray sent to all the Stake Presidents so you can tell what our focus is right now.

I love you all. Tell Julie and Stacy, Mom and Grandma I love them.

I hope you had a wonderful Fathers day!



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