June 9, 2008

So, the big news…..

Yesterday was the last day of the transfer, and what a successful and wonderful end to the transfer we had!
Keith blessed the Sacrament in church yesterday and also help ordain another member to be a priest. That was really cool to see. He has two younger kids who want to be baptized soon. That will be really exciting to teach them and then have Keith baptize both of them!

So as for transfers, Elder Nance is leaving. He will be going to a suburban area that has not had missionaries in about three years. I think he is pretty excited for that.
As for me… I got a call from President Murray last night at almost 10:30 calling me to be a Trainer!
I will meet the new missionary on Wednesday at the Mission home the morning after they fly into Philly. That will be really exciting but I am kinda nervous as well to be training already. The area we are in is big and one of the harder areas in Philadelphia. It didn’t have a baptism for almost a year before Keith. I’m confident that we will have an exciting first transfer together though, we have some wonderful things happening. The most exciting event I can think of is we will be having Rose Fife’s baptism on Sunday and my new companion will be able to have his first baptism first week out of the MTC!

The weather here is really heating up! It is the humidity that is killing us. It can be cool but you are still sweating up a storm. This morning we went to play Football at Temple University at 5:30 and it already felt like 80 degrees!!! We’re in for trouble. I tried to get a car in the area but they are opening up so many new suburban areas that they don’t have the means. Oh well, we’re doing great anyhow.

Our zone bounderies are being changed and I think our whole zone will be in one building. At the Broad St. chapel we have three wards and about 9 sets of missionaries! Crazy.

Could you try to find and send out Gatorade packets. The water bottle size. It would be nice to carry one in my pocket then fill it up half way through the day and put a packet of mix in. We are eating good and staying healthy but the work is doing its number. I’m about 20-30 pounds lighter than when I came out of the MTC. It’s all the running and walking and sweating that we have been doing.

I love you all and hope things are going well at home.

Love you,
Elder Michael Oakford

PS. I’ll write you this week and tell you all about my new companion.


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