June 2, 2008

Dear Family

This past couple weeks has been a busy one.

We had a wonderful baptism of Keith Rowe last Sunday, 25May. He was very prepared and has many friends in the church so will be a great addition to the ward. Another highlight this week was Keith being confirmed and then receiving the Aaronic Priesthood! Yay! So next week he will be able to bless the sacrament. We are really excited for that!
Everything here is going wonderfully. It is hard to believe that the transfer ends this Sunday. I’m not quite sure what will happen with Elder Nance. He was trained here and has been here for a good little while so we’ll see. We are expecting a lot of shifting around though due to a bunch of the people in leadership right now going home. So that means that a lot of switching will take place. I’m not sure if that’s exciting or not. I really like Philadelphia and staying as close to the city as I can. This ward is really good and really supportive. I’m grateful for the time that I will be able to spend here. With almost nine months of my mission gone, there is a good chance I could be in the Logan ward until near the end of my mission.

We have some really good things happening here. We have a possible baptism of a sister this next Sunday. Her name is Rose. She is a firecracker. Really exciting and crazy. She is one of those ladies who is about 50 or so and acts like she is 25? Nuts. We love her though. Right now we are just working on her husband and the rest of her family.

I love you all. It was really good to get your letters this week. I’m glad to hear that Julie and the baby are both doing great!

Have a great week!

Elder Michael Oakford


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