May 19, 2008

This week has been full of excitement and fun!!  I was really happy to hear about Julie and that everything turned out well with her beautiful baby Jane! I ‘m really happy for her and Nathan.

This week we had our Zone Conference. It included some really good training from three sets of Zone Leaders and our Assistants.

We didn’t have any baptisms this week but we are really counting on our good friend Alvin Keith Rowe to be baptized this Sunday. He is a really cool guy who we have been teaching for a good couple of weeks now. He loved our Quads and surprised us by ordering his own online and having it express shipped out to him so he could have it for church this Sunday. He is a great man and will really help his family to grow in the gospel. His mother and sister are members of the church but were completely inactive, he didn’t even know his sister was baptized. But as he has progressed he has brought with him his family. And that’s what the gospel is all about.

We have been having a lot of fun on P-days. I will send you some pictures. My really good friend Elder Moorhead and his companion (our district leader) Elder Foketi have been meeting us at the church a couple hours before our District Meeting starts and we have been playing Volleyball. It’s a ton of fun. We all haven’t played in a long time but we are getting better. Elder Foketi is crazy. He is from Tonga and used to play out there. Elder Moorhead is from Mission Viejo and used to play Volleyball for school. We’ve been having some others join us and it has been a blast, really something we look forward to everyweek.

Everything here is going well. The weather is nice, sometimes even a little cold and wet! But thats OK. Summer is coming. I can tell its already there for you though, holding about 100! Thats nuts.

I love you and miss you. My time is short so I have to get running. have a good week. Tell Julie and Stacy I love them and miss them!!

Elder Michael Oakford


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