May 5, 2008

Dear Mom and Dad,

I sent you a letter in the mail the first day I  got here with my new address and a little information but it doesn’t seem you got it? Oh well, that’s OK.

I found out on Tuesday that my new area is a section of North Philadelphia called Germantown.  It is a little different than Frankford. A whole lot bigger and busier. I live right off of Broad St.
at 1419 Grange St. Apt 111-C, Philadelphia, PA  19141.

I have been lost for the past couple of days but I’m glad I have a companion who knows his way around fairly well. We travel on the subway and take all the buses. Elder Jason Nance is my new companion. This is his fourth transfer and I am his second companion (or his “greenie buster”). He is from Centerville, UT.  I’m pretty excited to be here even though it was a very tough for me to leave Frankford. BUT- I was given special permission to go back to the Pennypack Ward Sunday and baptize Frances Horton! YAY! She was so excited and so happy after her baptism. We have been teaching her since we received a Book of Mormon referral to her house two months ago. She really is an excellent addition to the ward. She participates and knows and loves everyone and they love her. So that made a very special Sunday!

As for Mother’s Day, I can’t wait to talk to you! We were instructed to call anytime after church. So, now that I am going to the Broad St. Chapel I have church from 1-4. But I can let my companion go first and then call you in the Evening. So I will call you around 6PM or so my time.

Just send me a letter in the mail letting me know if that is alright or not. I want to be able to catch you at a good time.

When I came into the area at the start of the week they didn’t have a whole lot going on (it happens). But I made up my mind way ahead of time that I was going to come in strong. We now in one  week have FIVE people with baptismal dates for the 18th and 25th and 1st. We also had SEVEN investigators attend Sacrament meeting! That was a huge increase from the past six months in this area.

That makes me so happy. We have been praying and  working so hard, and it has definatly made a difference.  This area is a tough one. It has the largest Muslim population in all of Philadelphia.  But that hasn’t seemed to slow us down much.

When you love everyone and they can see that, they give you no trouble.

I’m excited to hear from you this week. Let me know how everyone is doing.

I love you both!



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