April 28, 2008


So the past couple days I have been on a pretty crazy roller coaster..  Transfers were yesterday and we still are very confused.

As we were walking (running) from house to house yesterday after church preparing our friends for whatever would come that night, Elder Atkinson got a call from President Murray much earlier than expected.

He was told that he was supposed to be staying in our area this next transfer but something came up and he was going to be leaving… He didn’t tell him where just that he was not in the Pennypack ward anymore. We were really shocked because we thought if anyone was going to be leaving it was definately going to be me. Well, we went and contacted a bunch of people and let them know that he would be leaving and we had a good long conversation with Elder and Sister Kesler.
As soon as we got home we did our weekly and transfer actuals then Elder Atkinson started packing.  I helped him get packed and we cleaned up our house pretty good and just sat there and anxiously waited for the calls to either come from President Murray or from the Zone Leaders.. Well, come 10:45 the zone leaders call and told us that Elder Atkinson is going to be leaving but we don’t know where or who his new companion will be and that I will be staying but we didn’t know who would be coming in with me? Very confusing because it’s not like a normal transfer where they would just call you up and tell you everything. But President decided he wanted to do it a little differently this time (maybe because he still doesn’t know where we’re going).

We woke up and washed our clothes and went through our normal P-Day routine.  We cleaned the house and started to reorganize everything – when the phone rang! It was Elder Batty the Zone Leader who is leaving today to go home, he asked me how I was doing and I told him I was doing pretty good since I am staying. Then came the “well Elder Oakford, that’s actually what I was calling you about… There was a mistake with the Transfer fax that we got and you and Elder Atkinson are being doubled out of Frankford! You have an hour and a half to be packed and then the Service Elders will be to your apartment to pick up your luggage.”

I was shocked! Our area has led the mission for the past two transfers and now they are not just taking Elder Atkinson but they are moving me and the rest of our district. We knew this transfer would come with some big changes but we expected nothing like this. We don’t know who we are going to be leaving about three investigators who will be baptized in the next one-three weeks? We really don’t know anything. But they are keeping it secret for a reason. We will find out everything tomorrow morning when we get to the Broomall Chapel at 9.
I mailed home a box  of mostly winter things today, so you should get it soon.  I thought I told you about my birthday and what I spent the money on in my EMail on the 14th. But we went to Nifty Fifty’s up near the church. We had a lot of people come to celebrate so it was really really fun!  I wish I had more to tell you about the change up and where I will be or what I will be doing.

I am not going to lie and say that it hasn’t been hard to leave though. My whole mission has been in this one beautiful area and I have come to know and love the people that live here. Especially the amazing people we have in the ward who I have become really close to and that I love. The Martins, The Andersons, The Spencers, Bishop and Sister Hilton, The Keslers! All these wonderful people have helped missionary work in this ward so much. It is really going to be hard to leave some of them. But hey you never know. Maybe I’m only going up the street or maybe I’ll be in Dover Delaware! We’ll see.

I just really hope the new set of missionaries that come into the area will take care of the amazing people here.

I love you. Have a great week!

Elder Michael Oakford


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