April 21, 2008

Dear Mom,

This last week has been rushed but it went very well all in all. We are preparing ourselves for the end of the transfer and a possible big change in our zone. Frances is ready for baptism now and we have her all set up for this Sunday. She asked me to baptize her, so if everything goes alright then that will be an exciting end of the transfer.

I have fallen in love with this ward. I have been here for a good while now and I have made some great friends especially in the past couple weeks. I really don’t want to leave this next transfer, but there is a good chance. We have set up some really great programs that will get put into action this week. I am paired up with an awesome couple from Idaho , The Martins. They are a young couple and Brother Martin is here for schooling at Temple. He is finishing up his first year to be a Podiatrist. It’s been fun getting close to them and I’m excited to be able to go out teaching with them once a week. They are going to be a big help with retention here in the Pennypack Ward.

Sad news. Elder Kesler was diagnosed with cancer this week. He is at the doctors office today to find out what kind it is and what treatments are going to have to be done. They are just getting started in there mission and they really don’t want to go home so we’ve been keeping them in our prayers. I don’t have lots of time today. We are down in north Philly at some ghetto library so our time limits are really short and the computers are really slow. But tell everyone back at home I love them. Have a good week.



One Response to April 21, 2008

  1. The Newberrys says:

    Elder Oakford,

    We love reading your posts. You sound wonderful! We are so gratified to know you are serving the Lord; especially in the promised land of Philly!

    Keep up the great work!

    The Newberrys

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