April 14, 2008

Dear Dad

. . . . It’s been a long time but Bishop Kitchen is such a great man. I can’t remember where we were but I think it was on a camp out with the scouts one time and we were all sitting around at night and Bishop Kitchen was telling us some stories and bore his wonderful testimony to us. That was the first time I fell in love with that in him. Camp outs are big growing times for Young Men, that’s when  even when you don’t think that we are listening or care, we hear everything that you say and grow to love and respect you.

My birthday was a great day. I had a great time getting called from the other missionaries who I have grown close to and from the members and investigators as well. On Saturday, Ryan and Michelle Beavers surprised me with that birthday cake that you saw the pictures of. Funny thing though they called us and told us to come over after we had already started our fast so we just took pictures and saved the cake for Sunday! I told them my favorite cake is my mothers Ice Cream Cake. They couldn’t duplicate Mom’s Ice Cream cake but they came deliciously close with this Ice Cream cake, with my name written on it and everything. It was pretty touching actually. In Philadelphia, there is not much love or happiness. So to feel loved and appreciated for something that you do was very nice. I made sure to thank them and tell them how much I appreciated it.

Thank you very much for my birthday money. I am going out today with Elder Batty, our zone leader who I have grown very close to, whose birthday was also yesterday. We were going to go to Famous Dave’s but last time they were pretty skimpy so we are going to go to Nifty Fifty’s up by the church.  It has some really good food. Elder Atkinson and I went there in between conference since we couldn’t go home due to no car and had a really cool experience. We ordered our food and then were talking when a man and his family who were sitting behind us came up to us and introduced themselves and said “We really appreciate what you two do. We are not members of your church but our daughter just got home from her mission to Denver. Thank you for the hard work you two do. We hope you enjoy your meal, It’s on us today we already took care of the bill and the tip!” That was quite a surprise. We enjoyed talking to him for awhile and invited them to Conference, but they said that they had to decline this time since they had so much shopping to do… That was pretty cool though.

The branch is coming very slowly. We do not think we have the building anymore that is on Frankford, but they are in quick pursuit for another one. We are not sure when we will be opening the branch up but I sure hope soon. We are getting antsy and I’m really praying that they will leave me in this area for at least another transfer. The Bishop and I just put together a new Ward Missionary plan. It is going to be a fun little project that we’ve got going.  This has kinda been my project for the past two or three weeks. I have been putting the newly called ward missionaries together with full time missionaries and then matching them up with pools of eight less active or inactive members so we can hopefully knock out this huge ward list very quickly starting with the people who have been baptized in the past year and then working backwards. This will accomplish a couple goals we have one matching inactives w/ a member friend. It will be very interesting to see the outcome.

I love you. Have a wonderful week!

Elder Michael Oakford


One Response to April 14, 2008

  1. Debi Lassen says:

    Happy Birthday, Mike! Wow! 20 years old! Your letters sound terrific and I can feel the Spirit and love you have for the missionary work you are engaged in. We pray for you and wish you much joy.
    Again, we send our birthday wishes and so glad you got a birthday cake with candles to blow out.
    Love, The Lassen’s

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