April 7, 2008


I’m sorry that you did not receive my EMails that I wrote you and mom this past week. Me and Myldsmail were having some issues, but just in case you were wondering your letter was really good!
I hope that you had a great birthday. It looks like you and mom had a good time doing some hiking and sight seeing. I really missed sitting next to you for Priesthood session of Conference. It wasn’t the same and I hope this will be one of the last times that will happen.

Our area is doing really well. I just got a letter from President Murray saying that he would like to come out with us teaching one of the nights this week. That is an honor for us because President Murray is so busy. We are doing good and have been reaching our goals every week. We only have 3 weeks left in the transfer now which means that if someone we are teaching hasn’t been to church as of yet they cannot be baptized this transfer. Big bust for us too because we found two amazing families that we are now working with that this would have been their first time at church but the Mothers of both got sick and one ended up in the Hospital! SATAN!  But both families are building their testimonies and one of them can definately use the extra time! But families are the only way to do missionary work.
One of my favorite quotes during conference was “Missionaries are full-time TEACHERS, you members are the full-time FINDERS!” I hope everyone heard that!

We have one prospective baptism for this week. Her name is Frances. She is a 70 year old woman who has lived in Philadelphia her whole life. She has made leaps and bounds since we first met her and is ready but we might have to hold off for a couple weeks. We will see I hope not but please keep her in your prayers.

The mission has just started something called Operation Ghetto Reconstruction. It is something that we started as a new tracting and finding plan in our area and then the mission took it and built upon it. It’s main objective is finding all the Less Active Members and people that have some what strayed away and bring them back into the fold. There has been much baptizing in this mission the past couple years. We threw up a huge 1600 something baptisms last year but now where are all those people? Didn’t President Hinckley say something about retention retention retention?
SO that is a main focus of ours now.

I love you and hope to hear from you soon. Your letters are in the mail and should reach you(dad) very soon.


Elder Michael J. Oakford


One Response to April 7, 2008

  1. Debi Lassen says:

    This was a good letter from Mike. He sounds great! We’ve had a few issues with myldsmail.net also with Steffen…oh well, it’s a lot nicer than always waiting for the regular mail to come. Hope you are well….we loved partaking of conference this past weekend, too.
    Love from the Lassen’s

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