March 17, 2008

Dear Family,

I very patiently but anxiously awaited transfer calls last night until about 10:45pm! I have been in this area of Frankford for 4 transfers now (each one is about 6 weeks) so I knew anything could happen and I was very ready to pack if needed.

But thankfully when calls came in we were very very excited at the result.

I have been working with two other companionships in the Pennypack Ward. But now there will be a little change.  Elder Atkinson and I will be companions for at least another transfer in the Frankford area and we will be opening a new branch! We are so excited, since I have arrived  a main goal was to strengthen our area to the point when it could be trusted with a branch.

We really don’t know exactly what will be happening as of yet. We do know the church that we will be in on Sundays. It is St. Mark’s Church of Frankford. Their address is 4442 Frankford Ave (right down the street from our house) and their website is . It’s a very large great and spacious building! But we will be meeting in there on Sundays at 2:00 p.m! The branch presidency hasn’t been announced yet but will be on Sunday. We are hoping our first sacrament meeting will be on my birthday 13 April 2008! We are also planning on about 4 baptisms for that day as well.

As you can see things are going great! I love this area and thankfully I get to stay a little bit longer! I am so glad because we have just been able to make contact with wonderful people who have grown to trust us. A lot of the less actives that we have begun to bring back are going to be key in keeping this branch alive. This is going to take a lot of work but we are definitely up to the challenge! Our days have been and are going to be CRAZY! We have been giving up parts of our lunch break and our P-days to make sure people get taught whenever they can be. We have found some amazing people and people in some really sad situations that we have been able to help as we taught the gospel and they felt the spirit touch their hearts. It’s such an amazing experience to be apart of. This isn’t something that you are only engaged in for two years let me tell you. I know that this is something that I will continue after my mission too.

I hope you have received the letters I have sent home with the pictures I printed off and the EMail I sent out last week with the pictures of the two baptisms we had on Sunday! They were very special and they are both excited to help build the kingdom in their families and this area.

I love you

I hope everything is going well back at home.

Love Elder Michael Oakford


One Response to March 17, 2008

  1. Debi Lassen says:

    It’s nice to read his letters you post and see the pictures of people he is blessing by teaching them the truth.
    We love and miss him. Please pass it along to him that we read his blog and enjoy the spirit we feel from his enthusiasm for his mission. We wish him the best as he is entrusted to open a new branch.

    Steffen is doing well in Northern Virginia as well. We post his weekly letters and pictures at

    Hope all is well with the Oakford family,

    Love, The Lassen’s

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