March 3, 2008

We have had a beautiful and wonderful week.

I have learned that when you open your eyes, you can and will always see the miracles that God blesses us with everyday!

I only have a couple minutes so this will be short.  Some other things that I have learned and love to apply before it’s too late are questions that everyone will ask themselves when facing a challenge or a decision.


It is always wonderful to be able to look at someone and know what they are thinking and feeling and then bear your testimony that YES! It is worth it and I know that you can do it!  We can see the physical and spiritual blessings God shows to us when our eyes are open to see everyday but one that I love more than everything is the miracle and blessing of a Savior.
The atonement is the mightiest of all the acts that has ever been performed and isn’t it wonderful when we can open our eyes and our hearts and allow that most spiritual miracle and gift that has ever been performed to come alive in US!

It Is Worth It! And You Can Do It?

You must!

The spirit has definitely been working with us this past week. We are excited to see Erica James and Rozzina Williams be baptized this Sunday and then we hope and pray that Elizabeth Padilla, one of my really good friends will be able to be baptized the last week of the transfer on 16 March!.

Please keep us and these wonderful people in your prayers. We are all going to need it. Satan is fighting harder than ever and we are doing everything we can to build a foundation that these wonderful future saints can stand on.  Helaman 5:12 is one of the favorites of the recent converts around here. Whatever Satan puts in their paths they are sure they can stand strondg when doing whats right.

I love you! Sorry to be so brief.

Elder Michael Oakford


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