February 25, 2008

I loved my valentines day packages! I was so happy to come home from zone conference with some goodies.

This past week has been tough and challenging but also very rewarding.  Our mission is making some wonderful changes in everything that we do and it is effecting every aspect of our work.

Instead of having such a solid schedule of bang bang bang this is what you are going to do and when you are going to do it, a lot of the responsibility is placed back on the shoulders of the missionaries. We have seen that our mission can be the highest baptizing mission in the US and almost the world with over 1700 baptisms almost all from tracting. But now we have lowered our goals and focused on retention and baptizing STICKY converts. We have gone from tracting to working in every way we can to do missionary work. It is going great too. It is very satisfying seeing people baptized but it is soo exciting reactivating someone who hasn’t been to church in months or years and working with families that are ready to hear, accept, change and live the gospel standards. I love it!

This next week is Stake Conference and then two weeks from now we have Zone training meeting. I can pick up packages then.

The transfer is quickly coming to a close and we are hoping that people come to church so we can see some amazing successes!

I love you all.

Elder Oakford


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