February 11, 2008

Dear Familia,

It’s another beautiful day here in Philadelphia. The weather has dropped like a rock and it’s now 16 degrees outside. This morning we went and played football with one of our investigators and all the other missionaries. It wasn’t bad because the wind wasn’t blowing at 11 but it has gotten really strong now.

This past week we were really excited to welcome a new senior missionary couple to our ward. They moved into my area, but on the safer side. I don’t think they have any idea what they are in for yet. Their names are Elder and Sister Kesler from Spanish Fork, Utah. They have been living there for awhile, but lived in Camarillo for 7 years. I was so excited to hear that! I made an instant friend! ha ha. They know the Lassens and a lot of the people that I knew back at home, as well, so we had a nice conversation as we helped them get comfortable in their new house. They will be here for one year. They are on a proselyting and retention mission. So I am very excited to work with them and help them get incorporated into the ward.

We have stake conference and a couple baptisms coming up in the next couple weeks. I am excited and really hope that they hold. A couple of these have been a long time in the making! Our goal as a companionship for this transfer is 3 baptisms so please keep us in your prayers.

One of my best friends out here was just made Zone leader for my zone. His name is Elder Hansen from Utah. He is a football player for BYU, so obviously he’s huge. But I am determined to learn from him. His first area was the area that I am in now so we have talks at night about the people we know and what we can do for them. Both of our Zone Leaders, Elder Hansen and Elder Batty, are amazing missionaries and I love being able to learn from them and grow.

How are Austen Justin and Michael doing? Any word from them? Please send me Michael and Austen’s addresses so I can write them a letter soon. I love those guys and hope they are doing their best!

I am glad I have been blessed with great companions who have a real desire to work so far. Our mission is unlike many missions, especially in the United States. Elder Ballard is the one who asked us to put the schedule we are on now to use and see how it pays off and we have definitely seen results since that time. They used to call us a very military-like mission. But now we have been advised to soften up.

The past transfer or two we have been allowed to work more with members and go with purpose into their homes. Everything you do while on a mission is by the Spirit and with the words Effective and Efficient constantly in mind. We are working very very hard and it is paying off. I love this work. I love bearing my testimony to complete strangers. I love helping people repent and CHANGE. That’s what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. Changing every day and becoming more Christlike in every way.

We have been blessed to find a couple families that we are now working with… They are struggling but coming so much closer as they actually follow what we ask them to do. It’s amazing to see the power that the scriptures have.

I know the Book of Mormon is true and really love it more now than I ever have before in my life.

I love you all. Feel better. And stop whining about the cold and the rain! It’s not cold and wet until you get to stand outside in it for 6 hours every day!

Elder Michael Oakford

PS Happy Valentines Day!


One Response to February 11, 2008

  1. Debi Lassen says:

    I was happy to see Mike met a couple named the Keslers. Sis. Kesler is a sister of very good friends of our, Duane and Cindee Ludlow who used to live in Camarillo also. Now the Ludlows live in Spanish Fork, UT. It is so fun to link up with people who know people you know! Mike sounds like he’s very focused on missionary work and serving and loving people. The Savior couldn’t ask for anything better. Please give him our love,
    Debi and John and family

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